Discovering Hotel Kakslauttanen, an Igloo Hotel in Finland

If you dream of waking up in an igloo hotel in Finland, with a spectacular 360-degree view of the Northern Lights dancing in the sky, Hotel Kakslauttanen   is your dream getaway. This gem in northern Finland provides an unforgettable experience of the Northern Lights igloo, where nature and comfort converge.

Our adventure began with a quick flight to Ivalo, the nearest town to Saariselka, a renowned tourist destination in the region. Although Hotel Kakslauttanen   offers a transfer service for a fee, we decided to take a bus to save money. However, the impact of the extreme cold, with a temperature of -32°C and a wind chill of -35°C, was undeniable. We were prepared for the harsh weather, but the surprising arrival of Arctic conditions was a reality.

Fortunately, Ivalo airport simplifies the arrival for visitors, with direct buses to the destination hotel. Upon arrival, Hotel Kakslauttanen  welcomed us with an invitation to enjoy a breakfast that extended until 11 am, warming our hearts and stomachs.

Mulher dentro do Hotel Iglu de vidro - Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Hotel Kakslauttanen  offers a variety of exciting excursions, and we decided to go for the Husky Safari directly with them. We knew that the huskies were well-cared for, and the facilities were of high quality. The one-hour ride took us through a pristine snow-covered forest, with the opportunity to take the reins of the sled. Before starting the adventure, we were provided with specific clothing for the ride, which we wore over our own clothes to stay warm. The clothing also protected us from potential scratches while passing through branches in the forest.

After the thrilling journey, we had the opportunity to play with husky puppies in a cozy cabin next to a campfire, enjoying cookies and hot drinks to keep us warm.

Back at the hotel, we further explored the facilities, visiting the 360-degree observatory that provided a stunning panoramic view of the area. With each moment, we fell more in love with the incredible experience that Hotel Kakslauttanen provided us.

In addition to husky experiences and options for snowmobile and reindeer sledding, Hotel Kakslauttanen offers a unique interaction with reindeer. Near the igloos, guests can find enclosures with adorable reindeer, providing an opportunity to get close, feed, and take photos with these lovely creatures.

Our journey to northern Finland was truly unique, filled with natural beauty, adventure, and unforgettable moments. If you’re seeking a stay that transcends the ordinary igloo hotel experience in Finland, Hotel Kakslauttanen is your dream destination. A refuge in the heart of the Arctic nature that will be etched in your memory forever.

Além das experiências com huskies e as opções de snowmobile e trenó com renas, o Hotel Kakslauttanen oferece um toque único na interação com as renas. Próximo aos iglus, os hóspedes podem encontrar cercados com renas super fofas, proporcionando a oportunidade de se aproximar, alimentar e tirar fotos com essas criaturas adoráveis.

Nossa jornada ao norte da Finlândia foi verdadeiramente única, repleta de beleza natural, aventura e momentos inesquecíveis. Se você está em busca de uma estadia que transcende a experiência comum em um hotel iglu na Finlândia, o Hotel Kakslauttanen é o seu destino dos sonhos. Um refúgio no coração da natureza ártica que ficará gravado na memória para sempre.a

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